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The Roese Family

I just love this sweet family. I met Rebecca in middle school, and she was just the most bubbly, fun girl. So many summer nights were spent listening to Taylor Swift and learning the Cotton Eye Joe dance together. Fast forward a few years and I met her now husband, Chris. The first thing I did when introduced to him was compliment his muscles. (They weren’t dating yet!) Luckily we all laugh about it now. 😂

But 2018 was a real game changer for both of our families because we found out we were both pregnant, and we were just five weeks apart from one another. However, their journey to pregnancy was quite an emotional one. One that’s not really my business to tell, but all I will say is that I remember when I got the phone call that Rebecca was pregnant, I literally just started crying out of pure happiness for them. Even writing this out, I’m shedding tears because I know it was a long journey to what is now their sweet family.

And sweet is truly such an understatement. Baby William is such a blessing to so many people. He is the most handsome, happiest little boy. And he is also one blessed baby for having parents like Chris and Rebecca. It truly does not get better than them. 

Taking William’s first birthday photos was such an honor for me. William is one of my son’s first friends. He was an answer to so many prayers. And he is a blessing that continues to bring joy to all the lives he touches.

First birthdays are such huge milestones for new parents. One that I did not even realize until it was our turn to celebrate. Transitioning from no kids to a baby that depends on you for everything is a challenge. It’s downright hard some days. While it’s no doubt the greatest blessing,  it also comes with it’s fair share of struggles and tears. So to get to that first birthday having overcome so many obstacles and transitioning to so many “new normals” is an accomplishment that should truly be celebrated. And that is why I am so passionate about first birthday photo shoots. Of course, cake smashes are adorable, and it is all so fun. But it is also a time for parents to commemorate the year they had in getting their child to this point. The tears, the lack of sleep, the doctor’s visits, the second guessing themselves, the googling, the pain, the emotions, etc. All of those moments were worth getting to this point. So smash that cake! And parents, maybe take a bite for yourselves too. 😊