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Wedding Anniversary Shoot – May 2020

Shelby and Justin met when working together at Abercrombie back in the day, and no, surprisingly, they were not models. Based off these pictures though, they could have fooled me! They were both so easy to pose, but can we just take a moment to appreciate Shelby’s beauty?! She literally could not take a bad picture if she tried! She doesn’t just have outer beauty though, she is also a very caring, reliable, and thoughtful person. But they aren’t just great at taking pictures, they are also great friends of mine. 

I had the pleasure of working with Shelby for several years which eventually led to a wonderful friendship. This anniversary shoot is extra special to me because I had the honor of standing beside this beauty on her wedding day! Their wedding day in Ohio was absolutely perfect. I feel so honored to take their pictures for their 2nd wedding anniversary. They could not be more perfect for each other, and I know I personally am better off for knowing them. Happy Anniversary, you love birds!