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Carlitos Senior Session

Before our session, the last time I had seen Carlitos, he was an elementary school kid who didn’t like me 😂 Thankfully, that was not the case during his senior shoot! We had a great time reminiscing while shooting, and Carlitos was down for whatever idea I asked him to do. 

Carlitos’ amazingly supportive parents also both came to share this sweet moment with their son (and of course we had to get them in a few pictures!) And his mom came ready with the sweetest props. She even had a picture of a him from his kindergarten graduation that we were able to get a photo with (cue all the tears!)

Even though I dislocated my shoulder and tore some ligaments during this session 😅 I was not going to let that stop me from capturing this special season of Carlitos’ life. 

Because of his dedication to schoolwork along with the support of his family, Carlitos will attend Georgetown in the fall. I am so proud of the man he became (even if he didn’t like me when he was a kid 😂 ) and I know he will leave such an imprint on this world.

I am amazed at the senior class of 2020 as they had to navigate through so much uncertainty to finish the path they started so many years ago. They are definitely a class all their own and are an inspiration to me that you should always finish the race set before you, no matter what is thrown your way. So to Carlitos and the entire class of 2020, congratulations for succeeding and persevering through such unique and challenging times. We can’t fully understand what you went through, but we can fully applaud you. You are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t forget that! Onward and upward.