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Brielle, Alex, Kinsley

This sweet family holds a special place in my heart. Brielle is my brother in-law’s niece, and I have known her since she was a little girl. It’s absolutely surreal watching this young lady grow into the wonderful mother that she is today.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brielle’s boyfriend, Alex, at their family session. The love he has for his daughter and for Brielle just radiates through him. It was heartwarming to see a young dad so infatuated with his daughter. That beautiful bond will only continue to grow in time.

As for Kinsley, she is truly the happiest and most joyful baby. She smiled our entire session. Kinsley is truly a gift from God and an absolute angel on earth.

I am very fortunate to have captured a small part of their story.

Photographing families is such a huge honor to me, and one I don’t take lightly. I pray before every session that I am able to create memories for the families that will bless and enrich their lives. I pray that they look back on these photos and remember that special season of life they are in and the emotions they felt throughout their new season. Delivering these images is such a gift because I have a small part in reminding a new mom how triumphant she was as she transitioned from woman to mother. I get to have a small part in reminding that father that everything he sacrificed was worth more than he could have imagined. I get to have the smallest part of that child being able to look back to see the purest form of love from their parents. So, I don’t ever just want to take pictures and call it a day. I strive to deliver raw, beautiful, vulnerable emotions through every photo. I want to create an experience that will last as long as the image does. I want you to be able to relive your most important seasons of life through these images. If you can look back on one of your photos and be transported to that place and time, I have done my part as your storyteller