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Haley & Corey Smith

I was so honored when Haley asked me to take her maternity photos! This family is very special to me. 

I have known Corey since middle school and have had the pleasure of watching him become an absolutely amazing father to sweet Adaline, and I know he will be so incredible to Baby E also. Fathers like him are very rare and are truly a gift to their families. His girls are blessed to have him just as he is blessed to have his girls!

When Corey brought Haley into our circle of friends, it was as if a piece of our puzzle that had been missing was found. I instantly knew I loved her the moment I saw her dance battle a couple strangers! 😁 She is sweet, she is fierce, and she instantly makes you feel welcome. She stepped into her role of step mother with more grace and love than should even be possible. It is because of these reasons and many more that I know she will be the best mother to her precious baby girl. 

I am so glad to have had the honor to take their maternity pictures. The setting at Starkey Park in Tampa could not have been more perfect. Corey, Haley, and Adaline clearly made my job very easy. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a session before!

It is such a blessing to watch this family grow and multiply. Corey and Haley, I wish you so much joy and love as you transition into a family of four! Prayers will continue as you reach the final stretch of your pregnancy journey. May you feel all the love of the village that is in your corner! ❤️